What is the Best Way to Ace a Job Interview?

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Every single day people anxiously run to job interviews hoping against hope that this is the one. Sadly, even though the overall job market is improving a high percentage of those people don't get the jobs. It isn't that they aren't the right candidates or that they aren’t qualified, it's that they simply don't understand how to present themselves in an interview setting. With that in mind, here are some top tips to help you ace a job interview!

Calm Yourself

This may seem impossible, but you simply must find a way to calm yourself down. It may seem like it at the moment, but if you don’t get this one position, it isn’t the end of the world. Some options include deep breathing exercises, a quick 30-minute, at home yoga session, a run on the treadmill to increase your overall endorphin production or even listening to relaxing music. Making sure that you are in the right headspace prior to entering the building will help your overall interview pitch.

Come Prepared

No matter how small the job, make sure to bring a resume, a reference list, letters of recommendation and supplementary materials if they are of value to the job. Some supplementary material examples include photographic/design portfolios, clippings from magazines where you may have been featured, and writing samples. These sorts of items help showcase your accomplishments and offer recruiters more information about your personality. One great thing to do is to assemble a comprehensive packet in a nice folder that you can hand to the hiring manager. There really is no such thing as being over-prepared to wow someone. They will never tell you that you’ve done too much.


Part of the reason people dread interviews is because they feel like they are going into the unknown with no defense. Prepare by searching out possible interview questions and practice answering them while in the privacy of your own home. Try putting a different spin on those answers and asking friends and family how they would react to your answers. If you do this, then the next time you walk through the door for an interview, the questions will seem far less foreign and frightening.

Send a Thank You

One other small thing you can do to make sure you leave an excellent impression after the interview has concluded is to send a physical thank you letter to the person you met with. Some people think an email is a good option, and to some degree it is, but when you send a handwritten card or note to the hiring manager stating specific things you like about the job and thanking them for the interview opportunity it will set you apart in an age of digital communication.

Overall, interviews are all about staying positive and exuding confidence. If you want to know how to ace a job interview, just show the best parts of yourself! Remember, most companies are looking for personality over qualifications as job responsibilities can be taught, but a personality can’t!

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